24 year old self-proclaimed writer, student of Psychology, and currently delving into the world of reviewing pleasure toys. I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a focus on LGBTQI2-S studies from Albizu University and actively pursuing my Masters in Clinical Psychology. 

I am a very outspoken, free-spirited being, lover of all things sexuality. I spend most of my days talking, reading and researching sexuality and mental health related topics. 

With this platform, I hope to attract and impact a diverse audience of different backgrounds, mindsets, and beliefs. Essentially, my goal is to bring awareness and break through the many misconceptions about human sexuality, sex, pleasure toys, LGBT concerns, and mental health — everyday topics that should be discussed. I've learned through time that a woman openly speaking about sex is still commonly seen as a "taboo" thing in modern day society but it should be quite the opposite.

Sex-positive beings are so common, yet still so shamed. With the help of many other influential, empowering women, one day it won't be so taboo to talk openly about sexuality, sexual health, and mental health.

I do not believe in shaming others for being vulnerable, open, and/or sexual and I hope anyone who happens to come across my writing is able open to accepting others for who they truly are.

Self-development is an endless discovery and a very important one. Join me and the many other empowering individuals of this community, on a lifelong journey to self-love, self-pleasure, self-discovery, and self-empowerment.​

About Me